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STUD100 Spray Tahan Lama di ranjang Dari UK

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STUD100 Spray Tahan Lama di ranjang Dari UK

Post by notrexdame on Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:33 pm

[SIZE="6"]BOLE SMS KE 013-3066540 ATAU PM ATAU YM --> notrenotre[/SIZE]

In the bedroom, there’s no getting away from it – men and women are often out of sync. Women like to take all the time in the world to enjoy the sexual experience. Yet for many red-blooded males out there, it’s all about the here and now – here now, over in a flash!

There are many reasons for over-rapid ejaculation. For example, the human species would never have evolved if our caveman predecessors hadn’t been able to sow their seed on the run. But that’s little consolation to the 21st century woman lying next to you who feels like she’s missing out on all the fun! Luckily, help is at hand in the form of STUD100®

STUD 100® gives you added staying power by slowing down the time it takes to reach climax. Now you can both enjoy sex – instead of worrying about it being over before it’s begun.

STUD 100® is easy to use and works quickly. It’s a mild anesthetic, sprayed on to the penis

What is it?
STUD100® with Lidocaine is the world's most successful delay spray for men. It comes in a discreet 3" high (75mm) can, fitted with a metered pump spray which contains 7.16 fl.oz. (12g) - around 120 sprays. It is non-toxic, odorless and ozone-friendly.

What does it do?
STUD100® makes sex last longer by prolonging the time it takes the man to ejaculate, or reach orgasm.

How will it improve my sex life?
STUD100® ensures better sex for both men and women! It helps remove the stress of over-rapid ejaculation, leaving both partners free to fully enjoy the sexual experience.

Q. Does STUD100® really work?
A. Absolutely! STUD100® has been on sale worldwide for over 30 years. What's more, clinically controlled studies have clearly demonstrated that STUD100® delays ejaculation.

Q. How does it work?
A. The active ingredient in STUD100® is Lidocaine, a safe and commonly used local anesthetic.

Q. How much should be used?
A. This will vary by individual, but normally between 3 and 8 sprays.

Q. How many sprays in each can?
A. Each 7.16 fl.oz. (12g) can contains enough STUD100® for about 120 sprays.

Q. When should it be applied?
A. Normally between 5 and 15 minutes before intercourse.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. STUD100® should not be applied to broken or inflamed skin, or if you or your partner have a pre-existing allergy to local anesthetics. If burning or itching should develop, discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately.

Q. Can STUD100® be used with condoms?
A. STUD100® has been tested with leading brand name latex condoms and meets the BSI Test Protocol.

Q. Is it safe to use for oral sex?
A. Yes. Use the minimum number of metered sprays and apply to the penis well in advance.

Q. Does it affect the female partner?
A. Clinical tests and widespread use of Lidocaine in surgery and childbirth have demonstrated that there are no harmful effects on the vulva or vagina.

Q. Can STUD100® be used if the female partner is pregnant?
A. The use of STUD100® in pregnancy should be avoided.

Q. Is STUD 100 approved by leading health authorities?
A. Yes. STUD100® is a licensed pharmaceutical (UK License Number PL/2294/5000R) available over-the-counter without a prescription or medical consultation. STUD100®has been rated as safe and effective for its intended use by the FDA.

Q. Is STUD100® environmentally friendly?
A. Yes. STUD100® uses a pump-action spray.

PRICE- RM99 SMS ME TO 013-3066540


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mohd nazaruddeen muhd raaee

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mohd nazaruddeen muhd raaee

mohd nazaruddeen muhd raaee

Nama : [SIZE="5"]Mohd NAzaruddeen B muhd Raaee[/SIZE]

H/ Phone : [SIZE="5"]013-3066540[/SIZE]

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